Community Workshops


Learning Together to Garden Sustainably

SGA’s Community Workshops bring people together to learn about gardening sustainably, protecting our natural environment and improving our personal health and wellbeing. Our workshops are designed to be inspiring, grounded in the latest science and best gardening practice and are rich in practical projects and ideas for people to take home to implement in their own homes and gardens.

High Quality Information and Delivery

SGA is committed to delivering workshops of the highest quality that meet the needs of your community. We have very experienced presenters and have been engaged to run workshops by more than 15 Melbourne Metropolitan councils since 2017.  We will consult with you prior to a workshop to ensure it meets the needs of the audience. We can also partner with you to develop a new workshop if it is not in our current portfolio.

Community workshops can run from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your needs and breaks.

Who are these Workshops for?

SGA can be engaged by any organisation to run an SGA Community Workshop. This can include Local Councils running workshops for residents, community gardens, retirement villages, garden clubs or any other organisation.

Please contact Richard at if you would like a quote.

Workshops Available

We have categorised our workshops below into SGA’s three areas of focus. Use the below headings to navigate directly to the area of interest or simply scroll down the page to view all the workshops.  For more information about the individual workshops, please click on the images.

Gardening for Food and Health

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Gardening for Biodiversity

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Sustainable Garden Design​

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