Please note: Most SGA Master Classes are still being delivered online via Zoom.

SGA is offering you the chance to attend Master Classes presented by experts on specialised topics.  Offered in a set of focussed series, these classes will bring you the latest knowledge and introduce you to practical skills to get more out of your gardening. Topics range from building nest boxes and Australian orchids to fruit tree pruning and integrated pest management and cater for different experience levels as outlined in the event description.

Those shown below with a date are available for booking now!  Friends of SGA (FOSGA) and GGP (Green Gardening Professionals) members can get a discount using the code in your welcome email.

Click on a tile below. Check if it is being held at multiple times . . . . even if the first time you see says “Sold Out’ – there may be bookings available at a different time.

Past Master Classes can be run again if we get enough interest. Read more.


Online via Zoom
On demand - instant access
So you've decided you want to get to grips with composting.  This one hour pre recorded session will set you…
Online via Zoom
Thu, 02 May, 06:00 PM
The ‘Understanding Nature in Your Garden’ series would not be complete without this topic - Problematic bully birds! As many…