Workshop Description

Gardening is messy and dirty and fun. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t consider hygiene as we garden. Infact it’s really important.

This sessions covers the fundamentals of garden hygiene. What we do or often don’t do in our gardens, how we approach an issue, or often when we ignore it, can create problems in our garden.  Garden hygiene affects the volume of pests, frequency of disease and spread of weeds as well as the quality of the produce you harvest.  Poor hygiene and bad practices can also affect the local environment, other gardens and gardeners, especially if you are part of a community garden.


Can be delivered as an online webinar and a face to face workshop, both in a 60 mins and 90 mins duration.

Topics Covered

  • Perfect composting & compost hygiene
  • Managing weeds effectively
  • How to discourage and control pests
  • How to discourage and controlling disease
  • The important of maintaining equipment, soil & plants.
  • How watering can cause disease problems.

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