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Pruning Berry Vines and Bushes - Winter Gardening Skills
13 Jun 06:00 PM

Pruning Berry Vines and Bushes - Winter Gardening Skills

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Winter -what better time to deepen your understanding and develop a pruning plan for this years berry harvest. Pruning berry vines and bushes plays a crucial role in maintaining plant health, fostering strong fruit production, managing new growth, and addressing pest concerns. However, while pruning offers benefits, excessive pruning can diminish fruit harvest and weaken plant health. So, understanding the proper pruning methods is essential for optimizing your garden's berry harvest. The aim is to have so many plump juicy berries, that some may actually make it to the pantry!!
Join us for an informative berry pruning session where you'll gain insights into various berry types, appropriate pruning timings, necessary tools, selective pruning practices, and the importance of shaping growth to enhance fruit-bearing. We'll explore techniques tailored to vines like boysenberries and bushes like blueberries, ensuring your berries develop into plump, flavoursome delights waiting to be picked. Additionally, we'll discuss strategies for pest management through targeted pruning and highlight the significance of ongoing vigilance for potential pruning needs throughout the year.
This session is one of four in a Masterclass Series "Winter Gardening Skills". Other topics include – Grafting 101; Pruning Berry Vines and Bushes; Winter Cover Crops . Book the Series Package for discount. Friends of SGA receive a 15% discount on Master Class full price tickets. You can become a Friend of SGA here. Green Garden Professional (GGPs) receive a 30% discount.