Master Class: No Mow Lawn
Oct 23 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Master Class: No Mow Lawn @ Online via Zoom

For decades nothing has epitomised the great Aussie outdoor lifestyle more than the ubiquitous lawn. Green, lush, cool and iconic they feature in all manner of gardens across this diverse continent. But this love affair ends with us humans. Often described as deserts, lawns do little for our local biodiversity, soil health or storm water management. In fact they can cause the perfect environment for pests to flourish, both flora and fauna kind.

This session will discuss the key issues in owning and managing a traditional lawn. It will cover –

  • The resources used to maintain the classic lawn and why this is hard work and not sustainable.
  • The problems lawns create for our local environment.
  • Recognising what you want to achieve with a no mow lawn (manage differently, change the plant, or remove and revegetate altogether).
  • What each of these approaches involves and the benefits they bring.
  • Why faking it (artificial Turf) is never good a good option.
  • Different plants to use as a lawn alternative, including laying, establishing and maintenance.

Presenter: Teresa Day

Teresa is the Learning and Training Manager at Sustainable Gardening Australia. With a passion for all things sustainable design, community development and environmental education.  Teresa is also an avid home gardener, chicken keeper and forager keen to show how sustainable choices and lifestyle changes can be implemented.

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Wildflower Gardens – Attracting Native Insects
Nov 14 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Wildflower Gardens - Attracting Native Insects @ Online via Zoom

In celebration of Australian Pollinator Week, join Dr Lena Alice Schmidt for this Master Class as she shows you how to create a floral banquet to encourage native insects to your garden.

Planting native flowers in your garden is a powerful way to foster biodiversity and contribute to the health of your local ecosystem. Planting a variety of flowering plant species helps cater for the needs of a wide range of native insects and their different life stages year-round. Native insects, including bees, flies, wasps and even ants, provide vital pollination and pest control services.

By creating a thriving habitat for these crucial species, you enable the reproduction of countless plant species while increasing yields of your home-grown produce. Additionally, native flowers are well-adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, making them low-maintenance choices that reduce the need for pesticides and excessive watering. As your garden becomes a haven for native flora and fauna, you will witness a vibrant array of life flourishing around you, ultimately helping to preserve the delicate balance of nature in your area.

Presenter: Dr Lena Alice Schmidt 

Lena is a pollination biologist and the director at Buzz Ecology. She has dedicated her life to working across Europe, Africa, and the last 6 years across the Australian eastern seaboard working with Australia’s leading growers and revegetation/land management companies. Lena specialises in native flora and fauna to promote pollinator conservation and sustainable agricultural practices. She actively engages in outreach and education efforts to raise awareness about the critical role of native pollinators and the threats they face, and volunteers for the Australian Native Bee Association.

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