Workshop Description

Part of the ‘Closed Loop Gardening’ series, this Seed Cycle session discusses the reasons for and the ways to grow seed in your garden. Possibly one of the most difficult gardening skills, but the most rewarding, propagating plants and seeds was once very much a life skill passed on from generation to generation. 

Focussing on vegetables and fruit seeds, this session will help you access this lost gardening wisdom and learn how to provide suitable conditions for seeds to germinate and take root.  You will also learn the importance of observing and connecting to your garden, the plants and animals in it, encouraging you to tune into the seasonal patterns of the environment to help you nurture healthy bountiful seed.  It will also challenge some of societies ideals on what constitutes a beautiful healthy garden, allowing your vegetable and fruit plants go that extra step further, complete their life cycle which can be very organic and unruly.  The session will also provide information on how to connect with people who are seed saving in your community, the rise of seed libraries and how sharing seeds builds community resilience.  Other valuable resources will be featured.


Delivered in webinar or workshop format, either in a one hour or 90 minute session.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the different types of seeds and what they mean
  • Benefits of seed collecting for growing robust and resilient plants​ and supporting local wildlife
  • Where seeds are on a plant and how and when to harvest them
  • Recommended plants to start off you seed growing journey with and what to do with them
  • ​What problems to look for and how to test seed viability
  • Resources for further information

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