Workshop Description

Taking a step deeper into the world of Composting, this session discusses the alchemy behind making black gold and will provide you with the knowledge that will set you up with a compost bin that not only works but is super productive. Great for those composters who are ready to take this gardening skill to the next level or even upscale their compost production at home or within a community garden.
Initially the session will go over the basics of composting ingredients and approaches, but then will discuss in detail cold and hot composting technique, the carbon to nitrogen ratio, the carbon and nitrogen content of key materials and how to adjust the ingredients in your compost to ensure maximum efficiency.  Often a forgotten step, the session will discuss compost curing.


Can be delivered as an online webinar and a face to face workshop, both in a 60 mins and 90 mins duration.

Topics Covered

  • Basic ingredients and equipment required for composting
  • The Carbon : Nitrogen ratio and the materials are carbon and nitrogen rich
  • How to adjust the volumes of green and brown ingredients
  • Hot and cold composting techniques
  • Other popular composting approaches
  • The role of oxygen as an accelerator
  • Other materials and ingredients to use to accelerate your pile
  • Why you need to cure your compost and how to do it
  • How to apply your compost
  • Common problems and remedies

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