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Grafting 101 - Winter Gardening Skills
24 Jun 06:00 PM

Grafting 101 - Winter Gardening Skills

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Harvesting home grown fruits give you a depth of flavour and succulence that you just can’t buy. However, harvesting good quality fruits demands a set of skills distinct from those used in vegetable gardening, and is a long-term investment in time and money. Mastering fruit tree care techniques, such as pruning and grafting is essential to enhance the quantity and quality of the fruit from your garden. Join our Master Class to delve into the art of grafting.

Grafting involves taking a piece of a named variety of fruit tree and attaching it to a rootstock or an existing compatible tree in your garden. This will give you a fruit tree that produces fruit identical to its parent tree e.g. a Granny Smith apple, a Golden Queen peach or even that old plum tree from Grandma’s house, with a flavour that is part of family legend. Learn how grafting is easier than you think and accessible to everyone, including those working with limited space.

This session is one of four in a Masterclass Series "Winter Gardening Skills". Other topics include – Grafting 101; Pruning Berry Vines and Bushes; Winter Cover Crops . Book the Series Package for discount. Friends of SGA receive a 15% discount on Master Class full price tickets. You can become a Friend of SGA here. Green Garden Professional (GGPs) receive a 30% discount.

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