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Winter Cover Crops - Winter Gardening Skills
03 Jul 06:00 PM

Winter Cover Crops - Winter Gardening Skills

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You've heard of cover crops, but what are they and what do they do? Cover crops play a crucial role in sustainable agriculture by improving soil health, encouraging a healthy and diverse soil food web, supporting nutrient management, suppressing weeds, controlling pests, and retaining moisture. This session will explain these benefits and highlight the importance of cover crops as an integral stage in crop rotation systems when growing food sustainably. It explores various types of cover crops, emphasizing their benefits and contributions to gardening sustainability. By integrating cover cropping practices, gardeners can enhance soil fertility, reduce input costs, and promote environmental stewardship for long-term healthy food production.

This session is one of four in a Masterclass Series "Winter Gardening Skills". Other topics include – Grafting 101; Pruning Berry Vines and Bushes; Winter Cover Crops . Book the Series Package for discount. Friends of SGA receive a 15% discount on Master Class full price tickets. You can become a Friend of SGA here. Green Garden Professional (GGPs) receive a 30% discount.

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