Our Story

In the late 1990s, Environs Australia, a Local Government Environment Network wanted to establish partnerships between the horticultural industry and local government. At the same time, members of the garden retail industry in Victoria were trying to set up systems that would enable it to understand and quantify its environmental impacts and then seek to improve them. This led to initiation of development of Garden Product Guide in collaboration with Burnley Horticultural College, University of Melbourne. Another goal was to provide environmental education and learning opportunities for customers of garden centres.

Representatives of both Environs Australia and the garden retail industry came together to form a project within Environs Australia. Eventually, on 27 February 2003, Environs Australia and Sustainable Gardening Australia signed a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the relationship between the two parties. On 12 June 2003, Sustainable Gardening Australia became an incorporated not-for-profit association (SGA Inc.)

In August, 2004, the Sustainable Gardening Australia Foundation with a Public Fund to receive donations was established. SGA Inc. was to act as its Trustee. In October 2005, the Foundation was entered on the Register of Environmental Organisations giving it Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

As an incorporated association, Sustainable Gardening Australia Incorporated (SGA Inc.) is the trustee of the Sustainable Gardening Australia Foundation, the association’s Public Fund.

Sustainable Gardening Australia Foundation

(ABN 47 508 099 142)

The Foundation receives donations and grants as set out in the Deed of Trust. Its Public Fund is administered by a committee consisting of:

Peter Howey B. Comm. (Melb Uni ) – Small business owner, over 30 years accounting experience.
Morris Nutbeam –  Business consultant and chartered accountant with over 35 years in public practice advising small and medium sized businesses on business and taxation issues.
Dr. Gregory Moore – Retired Principal of Burnley College (University of Melbourne), horticulturalist and educator.

The Foundation operates in accord with its Purpose and Values.

Sustainable Gardening Australia Incorporated (SGA Inc.)

(ABN 49 895 542 709)

(ARBN 126 118 287 (SGA))

SGA Inc. is the Trustee of the Foundation empowered to carry out activities for the Trust.  SGA Inc. functions according to its Rules and shares the Purpose and Values of the SGA Foundation.

SGA Inc. Board of Directors



Bruce Plain (President)- Coordinator, Green Gardening Professionals, Director of Bulleen Art & Garden and environmentalist.



 Anna Beesley (Vice-President) – Horticulturalist, lawyer.





Peter Howey (Treasurer) – Small business owner, financial advisor for Bulleen Art & Garden.




Simon Branson – Owner, Green Change Solutions.





Dr. Greg Moore – Retired Head of Burnley College (University of Melbourne), horticulturalist and educator.



Dr. Chris Williams – Honorary Fellow at the Burnley Campus of the University of Melbourne specialising in urban agriculture focussing on novel crops i.e. bringing ‘new’ species into cultivation, especially those with links to migrant communities.




Dr. Sharron PfuellerRetired Monash University coordinator of Master of Environment and Sustainability.  Researcher, educator and sustainability advocate.



Josh Byrne

Josh Byrne is the Patron of SGA’s West Australian Chapter.

He is well known as the West Australian presenter of Gardening Australia and is a regular contributor to the Gardening Australia Magazine. His project to build a low environmental impact, energy efficient house and garden has inspired many. He is also a Patron of the Conservation Council of Western Australia. His ambassadorial roles include The Grove: Leading, Learning, Living, the Living Smart Household Sustainability Program and Smart Approved Watermark.

Past Patron

Jane Edmanson, OAM, has been SGA’s Patron for many years, but at the end of 2016, as part of a re-evaluation of her commitments, she resigned from that position. We are extremely grateful for her participation in SGA and send her a big THANK YOU!

We wish her well in her future activities.

Strategic Planning

In 2010 – 2012 a participatory strategic planning process was undertaken involving 1150 people in our constituency through workshops, conversation cafes, interviews and surveys. These identified SGA’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities and led to the drafting of a strategic plan.

That plan was recently updated to the 2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan