Workshop Description

Weeds are the bane of the home gardener. When you realise how many nutrients and minerals they contain, you’ll appreciate them more as an untapped wonderful resource rather than a pesky weed.

Human values and context move a plant into the weed category. With deep tap roots they do compete for nutrients and moisture out of the soil, and can prove problematic in your vegetable garden.  But if you’re going to pull them out – you may as well use them – they are jam packed with what your garden soil and growing vegetables need!

In this community workshop participants will learn how to identify and control weeds using an integrated approach that minimises negative impacts on the environment as well as learn how to unlock the nutrients weeds contain to fertilise their garden and feed themselves.

Topics Covered

  • What a weed is.
  • What nutrients weeds contain.
  • An introduction to Integrated Weed Management – A hierarchy weed controls with chemicals as the last step, not the first
  • Using weeds to make garden fertiliser
  • Composting weeds to boost your compost
  • Weeds in pest control
  • Edible Weeds
  • Common weed profiles

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