SGA is committed to inspiring, empowering and connecting individuals, communities and organisations to contribute to sustainability through gardening.  Volunteers are vital to our work!  We would not exist without them.

Some Specific Volunteer Roles Needed

Fundraising and Sponsorship

To assist SGA obtain funds to support its operation, contacting potential sponsors and advertisers.

General Office Support
Answering phone, checking email, data entry, or maintenance and development of database

IT Support
Hardware maintenance, Office 365 maintenance and development

Writers with some horticultural expertise
Prepare articles for publication on SGA website and Cuttings newsletter

Graphic Design Assistance
To create web material and provide Photoshop expertise – can be done remotely

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Your creativity and commitment are what we need.  Some examples of further ways you could assist us are:

sustainable gardening training; building the SGA community (including telephone contact);  research & development (back yard or big issues); investigating commercial garden products; writing sustainable gardening articles;  promoting the SGA cause;  building SGA database of gardening professionals;  campaigning and lobbying.

If you are interested, please complete the form below or phone 03 8850 3050

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Privacy Statement: SGA collects personal information about individuals for a range of purposes to enable it to carry out its functions.  SGA is committed to your privacy and abides by all privacy laws.  Privacy Policy