Workshop Description

What is a sustainable garden and how do you start one?

Everyone can start a sustainable garden.  Whether you are interested in a garden to grow food, attract and support wildllife, one that is thrifty with resource smart, or one that plays a role in climate action, there are common principles that you need to know about.  Your garden is part of a wider eco-system, so working with and complimenting nature, rather than against it is key. This session will provide you with an overview of these types of garden and what you need to get them going and growing.


Can be delivered in-person or as a webinar as a 60 min or 90 min presentation including question time.

What Participants Will Learn

  • What is a sustainable garden?
  • The benefits of sustainable gardens and sustainable gardening
  • Tips for establishing your own sustainable garden, or improving its sustainability

Topics Covered

  • Gardening for food, for wildlife, for climate.
  • Closed loop gardening – thrifty gardening and community sufficiency
  • Compost – waste from the home
  • Soil health
  • Water wise gardening
  • Encouraging biodiversity
  • Growing food.

What is Provided by SGA

  • Presenter who will bring the presentation on a USB stick on the day
  • Class notes will be emailed for printing and handing out at the class
  • Optional extras
    • Marketing – SGA can send a marketing email and/or Facebook post to people within the relevant postcodes who are on SGA’s distribution list or members of SGA’s Facebook community
    • SGA can run a focussed marketing campaign on Facebook to residents within the relevant postcode areas. Note – this campaign contacts residents beyond SGA’s Facebook community
    • Booking service though SGA’s online booking facility

What is Provided by You

  • A suitable venue and set up for the class
  • Laptop / projector and screen for the presentation
  • Copies of notes and handouts for the class
  • Catering if desired

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