Learning and Training


SGA’s training is informative, engaging, inspiring and fun! Learn how gardening can make the planet more sustainable, protect the natural environment and produce healthy food.

Community Workshops

SGA’s Community Workshops bring people together to learn about gardening sustainably.  They are grounded in the latest science and best gardening practice and are rich in practical projects and ideas for people to take home to implement in their own homes and gardens.

SGA’s portfolio of workshops covers a wide variety of gardening topics and we continue to develop new workshops to broaden the options to choose from.

Master Classes

These are advanced workshops focussed on specific topics such as nest boxes and native orchids.

These are your chance to meet experts and learn about practical changes you can make in your garden that will benefit the planet and you. For details, click here.

More are in the planning phase.  Watch this space!


A forum on soils is the third in a series, each with 2 or 3 experts on the topic.  For details of upcoming forums, click here.

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