Workshop Description

A photo of a garden bed with low timber edging being used to grow vegetables

No-dig garden beds are quick to build, low maintenance and a productive option for home gardeners. In this workshop you will learn about the benefits of no dig garden beds for our soil ecology and why they can be a smart choice for gardeners (and a practical option for renters). The workshop covers no dig garden bed design, suitable materials to use, and options like lasagne (or layered) garden beds, raised beds, Hugelkultur and straw bale gardens. The workshop also covers essential information about planting and maintaining your no dig garden.  


This topic is presented as a 60- or 90-minute face-to-face workshop or webinar.

Topics Covered

  • Why no dig?
  • How no dig gardens protect soil ecology
  • No dig design – it’s all about the layers
  • Materials to use
  • No dig garden bed options: sheet mulching, ‘lasagne’ garden beds, raised beds, Hugelkultur, hay bale gardens
  • Maintaining a no dig garden

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