Over the 20 years since SGA began, many dedicated people have generously volunteered their time and skills. SGA relies on volunteers to continue our work and have received help in so many areas ranging from office administration, social media support, creating newsletters such as Cuttings and providing IT support, to being at stalls in festivals and assisting at open gardens.

A huge thank you to all of the following past and present SGA volunteers!

You can read more about becoming an SGA volunteer here.



Adrienne Crabb
Allison Styger
Amber-Lea Drinnan
Anne Marie King
Annette Morris
Bernie Scullion
Bruce Plain
Colin Allison
Cory Entink
Gavan O’Neill
Glenda Timmins
Guy Palmer
Isobel Brownbill
Jane Dennithorne
Jane Rollinson
Jeff Phuah
Judy and Graham Minneace
Laura McGillicuddy
Maree Kiefer
Maria Ciavarella
Margaret Knight
Mark Dorman
Megan Hallowes
Nick Blake
Nipuni Dias
Penny Plain
Peter Hayward
Peter Zacharov
Petrina Adams
Robbie Carter
Sally Sheppard
Sam White
Steve Thomas
Tenille Murphy
Wanda March
Wen Cheng



Alan Noy
Amanda Dodd
Andre Obradovic
Anna McKeown
Barry Johnson
Belinda Duscio
Bernie Scullion
Bruce Plain
Cate Gibson-Roy
Chamali Egodagamage
Coralee Klement
Deborah Shaw
Debbie Nette
Debbie Shaw
Denise Grantham
Donna Stoddart
Frances Loury
Garry Fong
Gavan O’Neil
Gianni Montalto
Giovanna Walker
Glen Lawless
Glenys Rose Graham
Guy Palmer
Helen and Stan Bordeaux
Jack and Jane Chen
Jane Dennithorne
Jane Edmondson
Jennifer Tonkin
Jo Bate
Judy and Graham Minneace
Julian Agius
Kate Herd
Maree Kiefer
Katherine King
Ken Barbuto
Kerry Castree
Kim Edwards
Kylie Essex
Lachlan Gale
Leigh Seibler
Linette Harriott
Liz Cooper
Maria Solin
Martin Pritchard
Megan Hallowes
Mei Yin Chong
Meredith Plain
Mitchell Brennan
Morris Nutbeam
Naomi Walsh
Natalie Manahan
Nicky Kuna
Nicky Mayer
Paul McMorran
Penny Plain
Peter Howie
Pia Sappl
Robbie Carter
Sally Joy
Sharron Grigg
Sharron Pfueller
Simon Branson
Steve Muller
Susie Allison
Tammy Herne
Tina Bruce
Tracey Martin
Vicki McMorran
Wendy Jansen