Australians living in urban environments are amongst the world’s most active ‘backyard’ gardeners but the impact of these gardens reaches far beyond the garden fence. In reality, our gardens are intrinsically linked with the health and welfare of the natural Australian environment, be it urban forests, coastal wetlands, public parklands or our unique rural landscapes and national parks.

In addition to a growing awareness of urban habitat and water management, home gardeners are also keen to grow their own fresh, healthy produce and connect with their community to share and swap food, seeds and experience.

Your community needs your support to access the information they need to become more sustainable in their lifestyles. SGA can help you to do this.

Since 2003 we have worked in partnership with local governments, government agencies, business and community groups in developing a range of community workshops and publications that are practical, well researched and inspiring.

Workshops for Your Community

SGA offers workshops which provide expert knowledge on a range of different sustainable gardening practices. 

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Newsletter for Organisations Involved with Community Education

SGA’s Training Newsletter can help you to stay up to date with SGA’s growing community workshop and webinar program, discounts and sustainable gardening resources. Perfect for Local Governments, Government Agencies, Businesses and Community groups involved with community education and learning.

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SGA Community Partner Program

Become an SGA Community Partner, receive some great benefits including additional discounts on workshops, and help SGA continue its work helping people protect the natural environment, grow healthy food and build community.

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Fact Sheets

SGA has produced a number of fact sheets and booklets for home gardeners. You can read them HERE

Booklets Customised for your Local Area

SGA has prepared 2 series of booklets customised to suit the local conditions of individual government council areas. Home Harvest and Sustainable Gardening have been prepared to suit the local conditions and for local home gardeners.
Find Home Harvest and Sustainable Gardening booklets HERE