Workshop Description

For decades nothing has optimised the great Aussie outdoor lifestyle than the ubiquitous lawn. Green, lush, cool and iconic they feature in all manner of gardens across this diverse continent. But this love affair ends with us humans. Often described as deserts, lawns do little for our local biodiversity, soil health or storm water management. In fact they can cause the perfect environment for pests to flourish, both flora and fauna kind.

This session will discuss the key issues in owning and managing a traditional lawn. It will offer you alternative plants that create tight comprehensive green ground cover, explain what they need to excel and the benefits it will bring to you,  your garden and the wider environment. Prepared to forgo the lawn altogether? This session will show you practical examples on how to do this. Not prepared to let go of your lawn but want to know what you can do to maximise its carbon storage and foraging potential? We will look at lawn mowing strategies to achieve that. So wherever you stand on your lawn (physically and metaphorically) and you want to mow less – this session is for you!


Delivered in webinar or workshop format, either in a one hour or 90 minute session.

Topics Covered

This session​ will cover –

  • The resources used to maintain the classic lawn and why this is hard work and not sustainable.
  • The problems lawns create for our local environment.
  • Recognising what you want to achieve with a no mow lawn (manage differently, change the plant, or remove and revegetate altogether).
  • What each of these approaches involves and the benefits they bring.
  • Why faking it (artificial Turf) is never good a good option.
  • Different plants to use as a lawn alternative, including laying, establishing and maintenance.

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