Workshop Description

Food growing is becoming increasingly popular. It’s often the starting point for many new gardener.  But edible perennials are often overlooked.  Deep rooted, sturdier and easier to grow than the popular annuals, perennials are the best addition to a food growers garden.

This session will introduce you to new edibles that are more resilient, flavorsome and nutritious. It will also discuss how perennial gardens create more shade, more cooling as well as provide stunning vistas in your patch.  With less soil disturbance, perennial gardening helps build healthy soil and the talk will cover how they store more carbon under our feet and in their bodies and are being seen as playing an important role in mitigating against climate change.

With a need to broaden the variety of food we grow to improve both resilience and nutrition, there is no better time to introduce yourself to perennial edibles.


Delivered in webinar or workshop format, either in a one hour or 90 minute session.

Topics Covered

This session​ will cover –

  • What perennial food growing is and how you may already be doing it without even knowing!
  • The advantages of growing perennial food for you and your local environment.
  • How perennial edible gardening fits in with other gardening approaches and styles.​
  • Where to start in your garden and what to consider in relation to design, soil, conditions and convenience.
  • The perennial herbs, fruits and vegetables that like certain soils and conditions you may have to offer.​
  • The Top 12 Perennials to start off with and how to grow them.
  • Other resources you can use moving forward.​

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