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Sustainable Gardening Fundamentals

This four part video series will step you through the key sustainable gardening fundamentals that need to come together for you to create a garden that thrives by working in-step with nature. We will show you that by working with, rather than against nature, you can create systems that are not only the most efficient and cost-effective way to garden, but most importantly protect and encourage our surrounding environment, wildlife and biodiversity.

The video presentations are information rich!  They are the perfect start for the beginner gardener eager to get set-up “right”, while more experienced home gardeners will find the series just what they need to refocus their efforts and enhance their current sustainable gardening knowledge.

Once you have learnt how to implement the fundamentals of sustainable gardening you will have the knowledge to set-up and maintain your self-sufficient systems.  This means less money spent at your garden centre loading up on commercial compost, fertilisers and pest deterrents!

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PART 1: Composting & Worm Farms

Sustainable gardens need compost! And plenty of it! Composting your kitchen and garden waste into “black gold” will feed your garden and help the environment. Learn how to activate your compost system to increase your output to get it to a level that will keep up with your gardens needs.

PART 2: Soil Farming

What’s the secret to success in the garden? It is all about the soil! We need to concentrate not on feeding our plants, but on feeding the soil! Healthy soil is full of life and fundamental to the health of our gardens. It provides all plants with all the nutrients and water they need to grow. Learn about the science of soil and how to improve it in an environmentally beneficial way that in-turn supports your plants to be productive.

PART 3: Low Impact Pest Management

Gardens are the natural habitat for all types of insects – the good, the bad and the ugly. Learn how to avoid unnecessary chemical use by managing the pests in your garden by using nature and its resources to strengthen the balance towards the beneficial kind.

Information about risks and safety of commercial chemical pesticides is in SGA’s app WiseGardening – Choices to Protect You and the Planet.  Safety of home-made pesticides could not be included in that app due to unavailability of information about their soap, detergent and oil ingredients.  Always use them with caution.

PART 4: Water Smart Gardening

As the climate changes we need to take extra care to design water smart gardens. Australia is the driest habitable continent in the world and there will be periods where water availability will be constrained. Similarly, our gardens will experience more extreme rain events. Whether it is too much or too little, water smart techniques can help keep your garden stay beautiful and productive.