Community workshops and webinars that SGA offers cover a wide range of topics with an emphasis on minimising environmental impacts and promoting productivity and biodiversity.  They can be booked by any organisation interested in helping people garden more sustainability.  With over 40 topics to choose from, our sessions are designed to be inspiring, grounded in the latest science and best gardening practice and rich in practical projects and ideas for people to take home to implement. 

We offer flexible delivery formats, speaker notes, access to recordings, discounts on multiple bookings and a not-for-profit discount. 

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Workshop/Webinar Topics

For more information about the individual topics, please follow the links in the workshops titles below. All topics can be delivered in an online webinar or face to face workshop format unless otherwise stated.

Gardening for Food & Health

    1. Getting Started with Organic Gardening 
    2. Composting and Worm Farming – Introducing Black Gold (Closed Loop Gardening Series) 
    3. Building Healthy Soil for a Produce Garden 
    4. Soil Food Web and The Universe Below (face to face only)
    5. Preparing for Winter Harvest 
    6. Preparing for Spring Harvest
    7. Preparing for Summer Harvest
    8. Preparing for Autumn Harvest
    9. Dealing with Garden Pests Without Harsh Chemicals
    10. Companion Planting for Garden Health
    11. Growing Micro Greens at Home
    12. Backyard Chooks
    13. Active Ageing Through Gardening
    14. Seed Cycle – Germination, Pollination and Propagation
    15. Wonderous Weeds – an Unloved, Untapped Resource
    16. Garden Hygiene
    17. Herbs – Making the most of your microclimates (NEW 2024)
    18. Compost Science – Delving deeper into the Alchemy of Black Gold (NEW 2024)

Gardening for Biodiversity

    1. Introduction to Wildlife Gardening
    2. Soil Care in an Indigenous /  Wildlife Garden
    3. Attracting Small Birds to the Garden
    4. Attracting Native Bees and Butterflies into the Garden
    5. Attracting Frogs into the Garden
    6. Attracting Lizards into the Garden
    7. Attracting Mammals into the Garden
    8. Growing Veggies in a Wildlife Garden
    9. Balconies and Small Gardens for Wildlife
    10. Indigenous Food, Fibre and Medicine Plants
    11. Weeds – Dancing with Nature in the Garden
    12. Native Plant Propagation from Cuttings (face-to-face only)
    13. Native Plant Propagation from Seed(face-to-face only)

Gardening for Climate Change

    1. Water Smart Gardening
    2. Climate Action Through Gardening
    3. Healthy Soil, Healthy Planet – Role of garden soil in climate action 
    4. Urban Greening & Cooling – Gardeners Role in Cooling Their Patch
    5. Nature Strip Planting (aka Verge Gardening)
    6. No Mow Lawns – Lawn Alternatives That Lock Carbon Away
    7. Introducing Edible Perennials – Climate Friendly Food Growing
    8. How to Turn Your Garden into a Carbon Sink (NEW 2024)

Sustainable Garden Design

    1. How Sustainable is your Garden? A Checklist
    2. Starting a Sustainable Garden
    3. The Thrifty Gardener – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in the Garden
    4. Tiny Houses, Tiny Gardens, Big Living
    5. Gardening for Renters
    6. Gardening in Small Spaces – Pots, Courtyards or Balconies
    7. Practical Vertical Gardening