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Zucchini is an ideal plant for the beginner vegetable gardener because it is quick and easy to grow. Zucchini or […]

Will SGA be lost to the North East Link (NEL) Freeway Land Grab?

Do you the want the SGA office to be engulfed by a road? Our office has been designated within the […]

The Pros and Cons of Hydroponic Growing

Hydroponic farming is one of the biggest trends in home gardening. But where this growing method is really making waves […]

Habitat – A Practical Guide to Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Australian Garden

As we book-loving gardeners know, there’s always enough room on the shelf for one more. Well, if you haven’t already […]

Backyard Food Forest Gardening using Ecological Principles

Have you ever wondered how forests develop, how they regenerate after destruction, why certain plants grow happily in certain areas […]