Attracting native animals to your garden can add extra colour and interest. It can assist pest control by attracting insect predators and can also contribute to keeping animal populations viable by providing a pathway for them to commute between bushland areas. All you have to do is provide your garden visitors with food, water and shelter.

The features of a good wildlife garden:

A variety of fruit, seed and nectar plants including:

  • Flowering trees that are native to your local area.
  • Dense and prickly shrubs for bird shelter.
  • Local nectar plants for butterflies.
  • Local daisy species for caterpillars.

Other elements such as:

  • Mulched area for worms and beetle habitat.
  • Water in a pond or birdbath.
  • A sunny spot with a rock surface for lizards.
  • Mature trees with hollows for nesting or install nesting boxes.

Other wildlife friendly practices:

  • Reducing the use of pesticides in the garden will provide birds and small bats with a safe food source.
  • Securing cats and dogs, especially at night, so they don’t prey on native animals.

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