Chapter 2: Growing quickly

It’s pretty impressive how quickly the vegetables are growing. The lettuces have almost filled up the bed they’re in. The tomatoes are definitely reaching for the sky and beetroot leaves look sumptuously red and alive!

The leaves of beans though are looking a little yellow. I think it could be a combination of reasons – cool temperature and they’re not getting enough nutrients. I’ll be giving them some fertiliser and see whether that improves.

I noticed traces of snails. They manage to wriggle themselves through the netting I’ve put over the bed and enjoyed artichoke leaves for supper. I’m going to try pouring a few bowls of beer around the vegetable beds to steer them away from the vegetables. I’ve been told by a veteran vegetable gardener that bran is also an effective deterrent. Copper is another sustainable method to manage snail infestation in a vegetable garden.

My herb garden around the corner is growing well too. Thyme, rosemary and sage are thriving. It’s immensely satisfying to cut a handful of these herbs to create a bouquet of garnish recently when I cooked Julia Child’s beef bourguignon. Not sure if she would have approved the herbs used. Nevertheless, the dish turned out splendidly.
Until the next chapter, have fun gardening and have a joyous Christmas.