Teresa Day

Teresa is a sustainable design professional with experience in community development and environmental education.  A home gardener, chicken keeper and forager she has a particular interest in personal sustainable choices and lifestyle changes individuals can implement within their home and garden to reduce their carbon footprint and connect better with their local community. Teresa manages and delivers the community workshop program at SGA.

Catherine Fallon

Catherine is passionate about healthy food and nutrition, having tertiary qualifications in Dietetics. A practicising nutritionist, she also has hands on experience working in regenerative agriculture. Working part as part of the SGA training team, Catherine currently runs SGAs masterclass program.


Richard Rowe

Richard is a sustainability professional who has extensive experience in business, not for profit , consulting, environmental education and the local food movement. He is a passionate trainer, community facilitator, home gardener and worm farmer. After a long and successful corporate career in finance and sustainability, Richard now focuses on environmental education for both adults and school children and on the local food movement at Edendale Community Environment Farm in Eltham.


Nicole Griffiths

Nicole is a qualified teacher with over ten years of experience as an educator and presenter. She has a particular interest in edible gardening and has worked with both school and community kitchen garden programs.