Nothing gets on a gardener’s goat more than a vista marred by weeds! Weed control is often simple, involving not much more than hard work, mulch, patience and time, but, if your patch of paradise has turned into a prickly, icky problem, you may need to call in the big guns!  But, before you declare weed war at your place, make sure you correctly identify the weed in question, and find out exactly how to treat it (your local Garden Centre or images on the internet should be able to help). If you choose to use a chemical, select one of the 6 Star-rated solutions from WiseGardening – Choices to Protect You and the Planet.

If you do use any chemical product, please read the label VERY carefully.  And to understand what the chemical terms on labels, it’s worth looking here.

More information about weeds and weed control is found on links below:

Low Impact Pest Management 101 Video

Sustainable Gardening 101 Video Series PART 3: Low Impact Pest Management Gardens are the natural habitat for all types of insects – the good, the…

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Carbon Emissions from Gardening

In a previous article we explored ways that gardeners can lock up carbon in the soil.  Although increasing soil carbon is important, it doesn’t…

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Wheeley Good Green Waste Solutions – Video

    Ever felt like the third wheel? Now you know how the green bin feels. It’s here for good and not for evil, so treat it right and feed…

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Return of the Weeds – Video

  So they’ve made it past your defences and past your bio-controls. They are running rampant threatening to take over. Fear not, help is at…

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Are glyphosate products safe to use?

Unless you follow the news in detail you might not know about current debates regarding the weed killer, glyphosate, widely used in garden products…

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Reducing Weed Spread

"Garden plants are the biggest source of weeds in this country totalling 70% of Australia’s combined agricultural, noxious and natural ecosystem…

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Pesticides in Fruit and Vegetables

We are all aware that fruit and veggies produced commercially, unless they are certified organic, have been exposed to pesticides at some stage in…

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Weeds: Not in my backyard – Video

Prevent a triffid-style invasion of the worst kinds of weeds. Plants taking over your garden and worse, escaping into our natural areas to create…

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Noxious Weed – Hawthorn

Crataegus monogyna This noxious weed is prohibited entry into Western Australia and is regionally controlled in Victoria and South Australia where it…

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