If your plants have been munched, crunched, chomped, rasped or ripped, the most important thing to do is make sure you have correctly identified the culprit. Knowing what you’re up against is essential to know what you need to do to treat the problem.

SGA is a big fan of non-chemical pest control and prevention, such as monitoring your garden for early outbreaks, ensuring good air circulation between plants and alternative home remedies such as garlic sprays. If you choose to use a chemical, use one of the highest 6 Star-rated products from WiseGardening –  Choices to Protect You and the Planet your garden and the planet will thank you for it.

If you do use any chemical product, please read the label VERY carefully.  And to understand what the chemical terms on labels, it’s worth looking here. 

More information about pests and pest control is found on links below:

Pesticides in Fruit and Vegetables

We are all aware that fruit and veggies produced commercially, unless they are certified organic, have been exposed to pesticides at some stage in…

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Neem products are sold for a variety of uses. In the garden, some people hail neem oil spray as a wonder pesticide.   It  has also found its way into…

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Though they look like tiny white flies or moths theses little sap suckers are a relative of aphids and mealy bugs.   You know Whitefly has moved into…

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Aphids (Inside a Colony)

Being an enthusiastic gardener, I welcome spring with open arms and can't wait to get out into the garden to watch it come to life. And it's not…

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Mites undergo incomplete metamorphosis. They hatch from eggs into six-legged larvae. They then molt and emerge as eight-legged nymphs, which molt…

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Hi, my name is: Caterpillar Describe yourself: I am a child star, and appear in a really well known children's book! It's true, I am very hungry,…

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Hi, my name is: Scale Describe yourself: I'm tiny (about 2mm) but that's not a problem as I'm really unattractive. I am a single mum with up to 2000…

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Christmas Beetles

Anoplognathus pallidicollis Most of us would be familiar with the bright and glossy Christmas beetles. We often see them dazed and confused, crawling…

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Pesticide Use

Ontario says NO to Pesticides Ahhh pesticides, a controversial subject at the best of times. Over beers with mates (bearing in mind we are ALL plant…

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Root Knot Nematode

Hi, my name is: Root Knot Nematode Describe yourself: For some reason, heaps of people are really scared of me. I don't know why, I'm just a…

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