Rolling into the New Year like a gardener stepping on a rake? Fear not! SGA is your trusty gardening companion, armed with the knowledge and inspiration to keep your resolutions on track. Whether you’re the January Hurdler stumbling at the start or the Resolution Eco-Champion aiming for the stars, SGA provides the expert guidance to nurture your green ambitions. We’re not just about blooms; we’re about helping your sustainable resolutions take root and thrive.

From January Hurdler to Blooming Benefactor, transform your New Year’s resolutions into sustainable triumphs with SGA!


SGA’s Guide to Making a New Year’s Resolution Donation

Let’s dig in, laugh a little, and make those resolutions blossom: Welcome to our guide to making a donation that complements your New Year’s resolution personality*.

*We encourage you to make a lasting New Year’s resolution.

January Hurdler: $25

For the resolution enthusiast who’s ready to start the year with a meaningful step, but is likely to trip at the first gardening hurdle. Dive in, and let us guide your sustainable journey, and let’s see if we can get you past your expectations!

February Flourisher: $50

You’ve got the stamina to last a month! Consider this your sustainable gym membership. SGA is dedicated to ensuring that your donation has a lasting and flourishing impact. 

Springtime Striver: $100

Blooming into spring with steadfast resolve! You’re the Springtime Striver, pushing those resolutions into the warmer months. SGA is your gardening companion, providing the knowledge and inspiration to make your resolutions take root and bloom. Spread the word!

Summer Sustainability Sage: $250

Harvesting sustainable habits like ripe tomatoes! As a Summer Sustainability Sage, your resolution withstands the heat. Your generous donation ensures a bounty of positive change.

Blooming Benefactor: $500

Your commitment to sustainable resolutions is like a garden in full bloom—vibrant, flourishing, and making a lasting impact. You’re a driving force for a sustainable future! 

Resolution Eco-Champion: Sky’s the Limit!

You’re the eco-champion of resolutions! Your commitment is the perennial of the garden, thriving year after year. Your philanthropy establishes the roots and nourishes the soil for a flourishing and sustainable future.


Every donation is gratefully received, and each one contributes to funding our efforts in building a well-informed community of sustainable gardeners, catalysing positive change through environmentally conscious gardening practices. All donations are tax deductible.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.