With the heavy rain we have been having in most states, the importance of site planning, not just at a commercial level but also at a residential home handy person level to protect our waterways is crucial. Litter, cigarette butts, excess nutrient, chemicals and sediment wash from our roofs, roads and other non-permeable surfaces down stormwater drains and this affects the health of our rivers and creeks and ultimately polluting the bays and oceans.

Site Planning

Where is the lowest point on the site?
Water always runs to the lowest point. It will affect where you put stockpiled material. It should always be stored as far away from the lowest point as possible.

Where should you build your sediment control fences?
Sediment control fences should be built on the lowest side or sides of the site Gravel socks should also be fitted to nearby stormwater pits.

Retain as much of the existing vegetation as possible.
Rope or fence off the areas you are going to retain. Retaining the vegetation including trees and grassed areas help to prevent damage to the surface of the site later on.

Keep litter contained on site.
Many building site contain both building rubble and other forms of rubbish spread across them. Bins with lids should be kept on site and should be emptied on a regular basis. Erecting fences around the site will also keep litter from being carried off site by wind or water.