Wilson Botanic Park has become the latest public park to be given Eclips Accreditation. The City of Casey put 40 of their staff though a training program on environmental management, run onsite at the gardens by SGA. This accreditation identifies to the public that the gardens are maintained and managed with minimal use of water and minimal or no use of chemicals. On an ongoing basis and whenever they are redesigning sections of the gardens, City of Casey is committed to enhancing biodiversity, avoiding invasive plants and avoiding disruption of natural systems.

The Gardens
Driving up the oak lined driveway into the 39 hectares of botanic gardens in the heart of Berwick, it is difficult to imagine the site was an operational quarry until the late 1970s. The quarry was founded by William Wilson in 1859 and transformation began in the 1980’s to what you can see today.

During the operational days they found fossils dating back 22 million years. They now boast 2 fossil seams within the park. The fossils found include wood, leaves and pollen from both flowering plants and conifers. Studies into these fossils have found both temperate and tropical species in the one location. This shows that many years ago the area was a tropical rainforest.

Within the park there is a large rose collection, native gardens, indigenous grass lands as well as exotic species making up over 1000 different species.

SGA would like to congratulate the City of Casey and all the staff involved in the management of these wonderful gardens.

For more information head to http://www.casey.vic.gov.au or contact the City of Casey on (03) 9707 5818 or email wbp@casey.vic.gov.au

Wilson Botanic Park
668 Princes Highway, Berwick, Vic 3806

Pics 1, 2 & 3 – Drew Echberg
Pic 4 – Clare Hart from City of Casey