green thumb3

Do you have a “green thumb” or aspire to one?  Do you think that people who have a “green thumb” have just been born that way?  Jane Ryrie, a keen gardener, gives us a humorous insight in her poem.As I stoop to lift the heavy barrow of soil my back groans the words…green thumb!

As the crowbar jars on another huge rock my shoulder and neck cry out…green thumb!

As I bend and creak to pick out yet another weed I swear…green thumb!

As I wipe the perspiration off my brow yet again I mutter to myself… green thumb!

Green thumb2 1024As I haul yet another bag of sheep manure and mushroom compost to the garden beds and carefully spread it around the plants I moan…green thumb!

As I load yet another bale of hay on the wheelbarrow and shred the hay around the plants I grumble the words…green thumb!

As I cut and load yet another armful of prickly rose cuttings,
I grit my teeth…green thumb!

As I prune, cut and saw just one more branch I yell…green thumb!

As I watch the cloudless sky and water yet again… I mutter to myself…I’ll throttle the next person who says I’ve got a GREEN THUMB!!