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Do you enjoy writing? SGA invites our readers to contribute to our website and electronic newsletter, Cuttings, in either of two categories:

Articles providing information and advice about sustainable gardening and building community, food security and resilience through gardening. This is an opportunity to share your expertise.


Stories about gardening experiences. They may be about:

  • Your personal patch, whether it be a great vegie garden, a sustainable haven for wildlife, a polystyrene box growing lettuce on a balcony.
  • A seed saver, food swap or similar group, an SGA POD, or local community garden we would love to hear about it.
  • A particular area of passion.
  • Something interesting or bizarre going on in the garden
  • Career and business opportunities in sustainable gardening

If you would like to see some examples of the sort of thing we are after, click here to see some of the reader’s stories that have already been published.

Articles and stories will be reviewed for their suitability for Cuttings by the Editor.

All suitable articles or stories will be published in Cuttings and added to SGA’s web site.

In the case of some articles (not stories) where more specialist knowledge is required a member of the Cuttings Review Panel may be consulted.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN OPPORTUNITY TO ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCTS OR COMPANY. No matter how sustainable they may be… this is not the correct place for it.

Guidelines for submission of articles and stories

  • All stories and articles should be original. Anything previously published should be referenced or a link made to the appropriate web page.
  • Keep submissions to between 500 and 1000 words if possible.
  • Photos should be added as separate attachments in .jpg format. Please do NOT insert them into Word docs, they must be attached separately. You can make a note in the doc if you need the pic to appear at a certain spot. There is no need to send ultra-hi resolution pics. Around 500Kb – 1 Mb or so per pic is a good place to aim.
  • Landscape format works better than portrait, especially if photos need to be cropped.
  • Make sure you include your full name and a contact phone number.
  • We may need to make editorial changes to both grammar and content and will take care of formatting and preparing your article for publishing.
  • Please email your submission to sharron@sgaonline.org.au
  • Authors will be credited and copyright will remain with the author.
  • We will let you know whether or not your article or story is to be published.

So get your quills out and get creative – write on!

Cuttings Review Panel

Some articles that need more specialist knowledge to review may be sent to one of the members of the Cuttings Review Panel.  All members of this panel have horticultural and/or environmental expertise.


Dr. Sharron Pfueller – Retired academic (Monash University), environmentalist and campaigner for sustainability.


Dr. Greg Moore – Senior Research Associate and former Head of Burnley College, University of Melbourne: horticulturalist and educator.

Alan Noy – Indigenous Design Environmental Services, former SGA Board member and very keen gardener and advocate for the use of indigenous plants .

Leigh Siebler – Garden Centres Association of Australia Inc. He has worked in the nursery industry for 43 years and loves plants and gardens. With diverse interests he is keen to support the aims of SGA.

Penny Woodward – passionate organic gardener, writer and photographer of edible and useful plants. www.pennywoodward.com.au

Dr. Chris Williams – lecturer in urban horticulture, Burnley College, University of Melbourne. Member of the City of Yarra Urban Agriculture Advisory Committee and Moreland Food Gardens Network. http://peopleplantslandscapes.blogspot.com.au/

Photo Credit – Tracey Martin

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