Who are the people who bring Cuttings and web articles to you? And keep our office, website and social media going?

We are largely volunteers who are passionate about gardening and contributing to protecting the natural environment. Because SGA is a not-for-profit organisation we are reliant on donations to fund our work. That means we can only afford to pay a few staff for a few hours per week and still keep all those boring but essential things operational, such as office equipment, phone and insurance.

Our volunteers are a mixed bunch – here is a rundown on some of them:

An IT manager of a large company who took early retirement. She wants to keep her mind active and contribute to SGA’s skill and knowledge base – passionate about gardening and the local community garden.

A semi-retired lawyer who loves doing background research and finding clever ways of doing things. She also doesn’t mind contributing legal knowledge or doing repetitive tasks such as making sure our website is optimized for search engines.

A retired IT expert, keen on gardening, who is helping with aspects of our IT systems.

A retired atmospheric scientist who wants to keep using his scientific skills and contribute to protecting the environment. He helped create and now updates the database behind our WiseGardening app.

A semi-retired business owner with a background in landscaping and economics – shares management and oversees our subscriber database, IT systems and fledgling program for the gardening industry.

An agronomist between jobs – keen on environmental matters and helping keep the garden product database up-to-date.

A retired biochemical and environmental scientist – CEO, author, maintains website, create content and the WiseGardening app.

Most of our volunteers contribute about 1-4 hours per week – some up to 40 (they’re the obsessive, crazy ones!)  More on our other volunteers in the future . . . .

To help provide the facilities keep our office going, we’d love it if you were able to make a tax-deductible donation – DONATE HERE.

If you’d like read more about what we’ve been doing in the last year, it’s in our (not very long) Annual Report.