Workshop Description

A green sliver that mediates between private and public space, nature strips* play a huge role in how our communities operate, move and feel. Yes they house our services. Yes, it’s where we put the bin out. Yes we all detest mowing them. But when you consider nature strips contribute around 30% of urban open space, it really makes you question if we’re missing a gardening opportunity, yet alone an urban landscape trick.

Planting up your nature strip brings a host of economic, social, community and environmental benefits to you and your community. This presentation will detail what these are, explain the essential role nature strips play in cooling our cities, what you need to consider and do when planning your nature strip, and how to go about planting them and with what.  You may end up never having to mow your nature strip again!

Note – this presentation will provide Local Law / Council policy specific content as outlined by the Council in your area as well as general information.

*verge garden in NSW & QLD


Delivered in webinar or workshop format, either in a 60 minute or 90 minute session.

Topics Covered

  • What is nature strip and why we have them
  • Benefits of planting nature strips and their role in climate action
  • Design and planning considerations
  • Guidelines and permit processes
  • Preparation – turf removal techniques 
  • The ultimate plan of action
  • Recommended soil & activating the soil
  • Recommended indigenous/ native & pollination plant selection 
  • Ongoing maintenance & future considerations

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