Do you the want the SGA office to be engulfed by a road? Our office has been designated within the construction zone for this big freeway.

We are working very hard to avoid that and to turn this potential crisis into an opportunity.

There is still time to influence the outcomes, with final decisions not being made until late in 2019.

We decry the extensive impacts of this planned freeway such as loss of nearly 26,000 trees, turning creeks into concrete drains, loss of open space, homes and businesses. But we realise that there is strong community support for the road and that it will probably be built in some form.

SGA wants the North East Link Authority to do something good for the environment to offset these impacts, namely that they should build a Sustainability Centre. For details of our proposal see our submission to the Environmental Effects Assessment process.

Protecting SGA and establishing a new Sustainability Centre

Such a Centre would be a new hub to connect people with the land and a range of opportunities for training and learning about sustainable living. It would also, to some degree, offset the road’s impacts. It would promote sustainability, help reduce carbon emissions, conserve water, protect water quality, protect and enhance biodiversity, minimising waste, reduce chemical pollution and food miles, all the while growing social capital.

Foundation Partners (tenants) could include SGA, 3000 Acres and up to 1-2 other like-minded non-profit organisations. Features of the Centre would include:

  • Meeting/training rooms
  • A high-tech online training studio
  • Flexible incubator spaces for potential small environmental business start-ups
  • Demonstration projects for sustainable living
  • Community garden and other outdoor spaces
  • Co-located recycling drop-offs in partnership with Council transfer stations

Many organisations such as 3000 Acres, Cultivating Community, Sustain: the Australian Food Network, National Trust of Victoria, Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network, Australian Plants Society (VIC), Share Waste) and Local Governments (Manningham, Boroondara and Banyule) have already indicated their support for the concept.

We need YOUR help too! What can you do?

Let MP’s know you want to help save SGA’s office and establish a new Sustainability Centre

Please send a short email or call the following Members of Parliament briefly supporting SGA to retain its office and to establish a new Sustainability Centre.

Help influence the North East Link Authority (NELA)

You can also let NELA know you support SGA and establish a new Sustainability Centre

Our battle to save SGA and leverage a new Sustainability Centre as an environmental offset to the NEL is real and urgent, so we value your time and support.

Please copy SGA ( into your emails or correspondence or send us a quick email telling us how you’ve taken your own action.