Nothing gets on a gardener’s goat more than a vista marred by weeds! Weed control is often simple, involving not much more than hard work, mulch, patience and time, but, if your patch of paradise has turned into a prickly, icky problem, you may need to call in the big guns! But, before you declare weed war at your place, make sure you correctly identify the weed in question, and find out exactly how to treat it (your local Garden Centre should be able to help). If you choose to use a chemical, select one of the 6 Star-rated products from the SGA Garden Product Guide – Safe for You ‘n’ Nature .  Currently we are only listing 6 Star products here until we can release acccurate ratings of other products.

You will notice that there is only one weed control product that has achieved a 6 Star rating. Many more have a 5 Star rating with relatively low safety and environmental impacts. These and the full list of garden product ratings will be available in a few months as a Web App with details of their active constituents, soil mobility, persistence and bioaccumulation along with information on their toxicity for humans, aquatic organisms and bees.

Watch this space!

And to understand what the chemical terms on the label means it’s worth looking here.

6 Star-rated Herbicides

Certified Organics BioWeed Eradicator