Water Goal – To reduce the amount of water used by and lost from the garden while maintaining ALL the environmental and health benefits that water delivers

Water is a precious and transient resource that always wants to leave our gardens to continue its journey in the water cycle. Our gardens need water to thrive, be productive and provide habitat for local fauna. Being water smart means using the least amount of water to achieve the most benefits for the environment, health and a beautiful garden.


Top Ten Water Smart Gardening Tips

1. Water during the morning to the root zone; less often but more thoroughly
2. Design / Redesign your garden with the Smart Water Goal in mind
3. Choose plants that have adapted to hot / dry climates (leaves that are small, spiky, strappy, furry or waxy and blue, grey or silver in colour)
4. Improve your soil (add organic matter)
5. Mulch Mulch Mulch
6. Install low water usage drip irrigation
7. Harvest and store water when it rains
8. Reuse grey water safely
9. Create favourable micro-climates
10. Zone plants for water and heat needs

Preparing for a Heat Event

  • Water early in the morning
  • Water deeply at the root zone
  • Make sure wicking beds are full
  • Add some seaweed solution
  • Mulch any exposed soil
  • Shade vulnerable plants
    • Shade cloth
    • Old cotton sheets
    • Move pots into the shade
  • Pots may need to be watered a couple of times through the day
  • Place pots in a saucer of water
  • Look after yourself – slip/slop/slap/slurp
  • If plants have been severely effected
    • Soak pots in a bucket of water
    • Add some seaweed solution
    • Prune burnt leaves when the weather cools