Workshop Description

Tiny House + Tiny Garden = Big Living

This workshop works from the premise that all homes, regardless of size, need a garden.  For human health. For aesthetic beauty. For integration into the natural environment. Participants will learn how to develop a garden based on Tiny House constraints of  space, time and ownership. From food gardening to habitat gardening, to water smart gardening, there are always creative options available for the small garden.

Note: The Tiny Garden principles used in this presentation also apply to balcony gardens (constrained by space) and rental gardens (constrained by time and ownership)

This topic can be split into 3 shorter presentations;

  1. Tiny Veggie Gardens
  2. Tiny Habitat Gardens
  3. Tiny Water Smart Gardens

Topics Covered

  • Tiny Garden constraints
  • Locating and orientating a Tiny House
  • Tiny Veggie Gardens
  • Tiny Habitat Gardens
  • Water Smart Tiny Gardens
  • Composting options for Tiny Houses

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