Workshop Description

Our gardens are places of beauty and refuge but can also help us reduce greenhouse emissions from our lifestyle choices.

This workshop will demonstrate how sustainable gardening can help you reduce your carbon footprint from cooling your house, localising your food, managing organic waste, smart water usage and re-using waste and unwanted materials.

This workshop can be customised for detached / semi-detached housing, units and apartments living and renters.

Workshop Duration

  • Up to 1 1/2  hour including Q&A time

What Participants Will Learn

  • Behavioural changes and ways to manage and reduce organic waste
  • How to reduce energy use in the house through making micro-climates
  • How grow your own food with suitable garden designs and efficient water use
  • Ideas to reuse materials in the garden

Topics Covered

  • Organic waste and carbon emissions
  • Creating micro-climates to cool gardens and houses
  • Food gardening and reducing food miles
  • Water Smart Gardening and impact on emissions
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

What is Provided by SGA

  • Presenter who will bring the presentation on a USB stick on the day
  • Class notes will be emailed for printing and handing out at the class

What is Provided by You

  • A suitable venue and set up for the class
  • Laptop / projector and screen for the presentation
  • Copies of notes and handouts for the class
  • Catering if desired

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