Workshop Description

The garden is more than just an outdoor room. It can be a place of Climate Action where you can connect with the environment and implement changes to reduce your contribution to climate change and help build climate resilience.

In this Webinar / Workshop we will use the Climate7 framework to explore how gardening can be a part of your Climate Action plan.


Can be delivered as a online webinar and a face to face workshop, both in a 60 mins and 90 mins duration.

Topics Covered

  • How the Garden can be used to reduce your impact and adapt to a changing climate
  • Climate 7 framework
    • Ways to  Reduce Impact – Mitigation and Adaption
    • Question Convenience,
    • Get Informed
    • Quite Consumerism
    • Connect
    • Use Your Voice
    • Reflect
  • Organic waste and carbon emissions
  • Creating micro-climates to cool gardens and houses
  • Food gardening and reducing food miles
  • Water Smart Gardening and impact on emissions
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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