Workshop Description

Learn how to propagate native plants by seed. Join us and delve into the world of propagation by seed. After this workshop you will be equipped to collect, store and plant seeds ready for the seed collecting season!

Workshop Duration

  • 1 ½ hours including Q&A time

What Participants Will Learn

  • Tips and Tricks for success
  • How to collect, store, pretreat seeds
  • Seed propagation skills and techniques

Topics Covered

  • How to collect viable seed
  • How to store seed
  • Why some seeds need to be stored for over a year
  • Seeds treatments to increase germination
  • Growing media
  • Creating environmental conditions that help germination
  • Pricking out and planting out
  • Tips for success
  • Practice your seed propagation skills
  • Question and Answer

What is Provided by SGA

  • Workshop presenter / facilitator
  • Pots / propagation soil mix and plant materials for propagation during workshop
  • Tools and consumables to use during  the workshop including dibble sticks, seed sprouting stimulants and watering can.
  • Presenter who will bring the presentation on a USB stick on the day
  • Class notes will be emailed for printing and handing out at the class

What is Provided by You

  • A suitable venue and set up for the class. An operating nursery with the council area  is a great venue but other venues can be discussed
  • Copies of notes and handouts for the class
  • A Council representative to set up the venue and host
  • Catering if desired

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