This workshop is currently under development.

Workshop Description

Before white settlement the Australian bush provided the first nations people all the Food Fibre and Medicine needed to thrive in this unique country.  This workshop will introduce the gardener to some of the  plants used by indigenous Australians and inspire gardeners to grow them in their gardens.

Workshop Duration

  • Up to 2 hours including  Q&A time

What Participants Will Learn

  • The Food, Fibre and Medicine value of plants to the indigenous people
  • Which plants to reintroduce into the garden

Topics Covered

  • Aboriginal relationship with the bush
  • Food plants
  • Fibre plants
  • Medicine plants
  • Tips on how to grow these plants at home

What is Provided by SGA

  • Presenter who will bring the presentation on a USB stick on the day
  • Class notes will be emailed for printing and handing out at the class

What is Provided by You

  • A suitable venue and set up for the class
  • Laptop / projector and screen for the presentation
  • Copies of notes and handouts for the class
  • Catering if desired

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