Workshop Description

Healthy soil is full of life and fundamental to the health of our gardens, in supporting biodiversity and maintaining a stable natural environment.

There are many simple ways to improve the soil in our gardens and the paybacks can be huge, improving our local environment, supporting bio-diversity and maintaining a productive and beautiful garden.

This workshop will introduce participants to the science of soil, and provide tips on how to protect and improve soil in an environmentally beneficial way.

Topics Covered

  • Soil types and amending or improving challenging soil
  • Introduction to the Soil-Food-Web
  • Soil microbes, fungi and soil bio-diversity
  • pH and how to adjust it
  • Soil carbon – why it is so important
  • Using compost to feed the soil
  • Water management
  • Hydrophobic soils
  • Meaningful mulch – the what, why, when and how of mulching

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