Workshop Description

Growing your own organic veggies can be very satisfying, good for the environment and your health.

The first step is to want to grow organically, but where do you start?  This workshop will set you up to start your organic gardening journey so you and the environment can enjoy the benefits of growing some of your own fresh and healthy food.

Workshop Duration

  • Up to 2 hours including Q&A time

What Participants Will Learn

  • An introduction to the principles of organic gardening for home gardeners
  • How to design and establish your organic garden
  • Tips for organically improving your soil and dealing with pests

Topics Covered

  • What does growing organically mean
  • Designing an organic garden
  • Soil management and amendment
  • Composting and worm farms
  • Organic fertilizers
  • Integrated Pest Management and companion planting as alternatives to chemicals for managing garden pests
  • Introduction to crop rotation
  • Crops to begin with

What is Provided by SGA

  • Presenter who will bring the presentation on a USB stick on the day
  • Class notes sent by email for printing and handing out at the class

What is Provided by You

  • A suitable venue and set up for the class
  • Laptop / projector and screen for the presentation
  • Copies of notes and handouts for the class
  • Catering if desired

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