Workshop Description

Changing how we garden means we can continue to enjoy all the health and environmental benefits of a garden as we age or our physical circumstances change.

Why is that when we finally have time to work on our gardens, our bodies tell us to slow down or our physical circumstances change making the physical aspects of gardening more difficult.  Changing a gardens’ design and some of our gardening practices means we can continue to enjoy all the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits from a garden even as our own capability changes.


Can be delivered as a online webinar and a face to face workshop, both in a 60 mins and 90 mins duration.

Topics Covered

  • Health benefits of gardening (body, mind, soul)
  • Garden design for active ageing
  • Small is beautiful – containers and patio gardens
  • Plant choice for low maintenance
  • Managing gardens in hard times (weather, health)
  • Gardening safely – ergonomics and health
  • Community resources

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