Pests are just that – pests!

Every gardener is the victim of them at some time, but at SGA we advocate prevention where possible. Healthy vigorous plants are much more resistant to disease, so, if the pests have descended, as well as trying to get rid of them, it’s worth thinking about what you can do prevent the next lot of nuisances. Make sure that your soil is healthy, there is good air movement around plants and there is a good range of predator insects e.g. lady birds, praying mantis, visiting or dwelling in your garden. Companion planting and having a diversity of flowers and scents can attract them and also attract birds which regard many pests as food.

Here is information about particular pests:

European & English Wasps

(Vespula germanica and Vespula vulgaris) These closely related wasps are the scourge of Australian gardeners and barbecuers alike, with the ability…

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Cabbage White Butterfly

Hi, my name is: Cabbage White Butterfly Describe yourself: I am quite a striking white butterfly, with two lovely grey/black spots on my wings. I'm…

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Hi, my name is: Weevil Describe yourself: At just about any stage of my life cycle, I freely admit to being no super model. I am most easily…

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Red Spider Mite

Hi, my name is: Two-spotted Mite (or Red Spider mite to my friends) Describe yourself: Well, my closest relations are spiders, but don't let that put…

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What are Pesticides?

Pesticides include insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, which are designed to kill insects, weeds and diseases respectively. Using pesticides may…

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