When we first start out to garden we are dismayed when our carefully tended plants suddenly look sick. But gradually we learn that, plant, like humans are subject to illness. If your plants have powdery blooms, sooty moulds or shot holes on the leaves or in fruit, then they may have a garden disease.

Growing plants in the appropriate spot, with the right soil pH, water, light and soil preparation can prevent many of these diseases. If you have an outbreak, make sure you have correctly identified the problem (check out the articles listed below).  Once you know what you’re up against, you’re in a better position to seek a solution to treat the problem.

Sometimes there is a simple cure for plant disease e.g. making sure plants are well-fed with compost and manure, avoiding leaves getting wet. These are much more sustainable because they don’t put chemicals that might harm insects or amphibians or pollute waterways.

Here is information about certain diseases:

Downy Mildew

Hi, my name is: Downy Mildew Describe yourself: I get really sick of people thinking I am powdery. He's my cousin, and, to quote him, I am also a…

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