Watch this space: habitat garden under construction …

Richard Rowe’s ‘Recipe for a habitat garden’ is one of SGA’s most popular workshop topics.  Here’s a summary of the steps involved in creating a habitat garden, just for you!

      • First take a small plot of land and plan its habitat future
      • Next, sprinkle the soil with compost to power the soil-food-web
      • Add a layer of organic mulch for soil health, bugs, beetles and lizards
      • Plant an indigenous tree for the future. Care for your mature ones
      • Add clumps of dense prickly shrubs where small birds can shelter and nest
      • Add a small dash of nectar plants as a lolly shop for the sweet tooth
      • Add a variety of native grasses for fine dining seed eaters
      • Splash your garden café with dense, open and long-flowering natives
        for insects such as butterflies
      • Mix well and apply water wisely
    New neighbours!
      • Add a source of fresh water for drinking and bathing
      • Install nesting boxes and insect hotels as nurseries for a new generation
      • Include a warm rocky couch for lizards to lounge and butterflies to court
      • Add a frog-friendly bog or pond and listen to the croaks of joy
      • Manage introduced predators and pets
      • Avoid encouraging aggressive or abundant wildlife
      • Stop using harsh garden chemicals.

    Serving suggestion: include a place for you to sit and enjoy the harmony of your Whole of Environment Garden as wildlife returns.

    Source: Richard Rowe
    Copyright Sustainable Gardening Australia 2017