Robyn Wing has reviewed the second edition of this informative book written by Henk Beentje.

Publisher:  Kew Publishing, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, 2016.

As it says in the title this handy book is a glossary of many plant terms.

As an illustrated dictionary it provides backyard gardeners and more serious plant-o-holics with definitions and illustrations of floral parts, barks, leaf arrangements, leaf margins, inflorescences and so much more, from paxillate to pedunculated!!


The illustrations are hand drawn and very, very clear.

This book is an amazing tool to be utilised when identifying plants, it can be used worldwide and is used by herbariums.

This is my go to guide for plant terminology. Excellent quality images and clear precise language.

I would recommend it for any plant nerd! Or “wanna-be” plant nerd!

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