In 2011 SGA worked with Research Primary School to establish an organic waste system in the school and a fantastic vegie garden. We set up a system of worm farms and industrial bokashi bins while teachers and students established a system for all the organic waste in the school to be collected and composted. Students measure the amount of waste they collect and hence their reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Worm wee and bokashi liquid is collected from the system and used as fertiliser on the garden. The students use a hothouse to propagate heritage seeds to plant out their vegie patch with seedlings. And of course all the very best of sustainable gardening practices from organic pest control to mulching and efficient water application are utilised.

The teachers and students were fortunate to have local business Bulleen Art and Garden provide qualified staff to assist with activities in the garden and generously donate a swag of tools and plants to get them started.

SGA ran a series of 10 free evening workshops to families and friends of the school to aid the transference of knowledge and action back into the home garden and support what the children were learning at school.

It is hoped that the students and families of Research Primary School have gained the skills and confidence to successfully compost organic waste and grow their own produce.

The Research Primary POD project was funded by Sustainability Victoria with the support of Bulleen Art & Garden.