SGA are big fans of non-chemical disease control and prevention, such as monitoring your garden for early outbreaks, ensuring good air circulation between plants and alternative home remedies such as garlic sprays. If you choose to use a chemical, select one of the 6 Star-rated products from the SGA Garden Product Guide – Safe for You ‘n’ Nature below – your garden, and the planet will thank you for it.

Currently we are only listing 6 Star products until we can provide accurate ratings of other products.  You will notice that there are not many products that have achieved a 6 Star rating.  Many more have a 5 Star rating with relatively low safety and environmental impacts.  These and the full list of garden product ratings will be available in a few months as a Web App with details of their active constituents, soil mobility, persistence and bioaccumulation along with information on their toxicity for humans, aquatic organisms and bees.

Watch this space!


Coniothyrium minitans
Talaromyces flavus
Wettable Sulphur
David Gray
Powdered Sulphur
Wettable Sulphur

Help with chemical terms is here.